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I am a psychotherapist who offers a specialization in wellness throughout pregnancy, birthing and early childhood development, age 0-5. These major life transitions and changes can be challenging, but may also bring many opportunities for love, joy and connectedness for the whole family. I describe my approach as client-centered.  Everyone has opinions about how to navigate pregnancy, birthing and parenting…but what works best is that which works for you and your family.   My goal is to help you create the space to better understand the role of emotions in your decision-making, so that you can make mindful decisions that you can feel confident about.
Anyone can benefit from an intentional space to consider your beliefs and values in parenting.  It's also helpful for any parent to gain an understanding of what to expect in terms of child development and to have a trusted sounding board for navigating new phases.  But this supportive space can be especially helpful when parents would like to make different choices than their own parents did, when parents have a difficult or estranged relationship with their own parents, when parents have a history of trauma or when either parent has a history of anxiety or depression.
I currently offer individual, couple and family psychotherapy as well as supportive/wellness services.  I also provide consultation services to an Early Head Start (0-3) and Head Start (0-5) program, where I offer teachers and parents suggestions on how to cope with/navigate temper tantrums, challenging behaviors, sleep, potty training and more generally, to enhance and optimize child development.  
Family Planning, Pregnancy Support, Birth Support, Family Wellness and Early Childhood Parenting Support 
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To schedule an appointment, please call:(609) 828-5011
The Circle of Love is a metaphor for the physical & emotional space that holds a child.  Beginning in the womb, growing to the space within a mother’s arms, expanding to the nurturance of family & loved ones, the Circle of Love gives the child a space, a home, out of which she has the freedom to create herself.  In psychotherapy, the metaphor comes full Circle, as your family is also able to grow and thrive in the space of the therapeutic relationship. 
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Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine:  Community-based pediatrician offering a holistic approach to health. 
Parent Child Center, Sponsored by the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia:  Offers educational playgroups designed to increase parent confidence and enhance emotional development of children.
Smith Kids' Play Place in the Park:  Provides children 10 and under from diverse backgrounds with free play experiences that meet their physical, behavioral and developmental needs.
Wake Up Yoga:  A yoga cOMmUNITY offering "Prenatal" and "Mommy and Me" yoga classes.
Gentle Beginnings:  A women's health/midwifery practice.
The Nesting House:  A retail store that offers classes and groups.